Pressure Washing

Looking for a Texas pressure washing company? There are several reasons to power wash a home or commercial property. Pressure washing can help to prevent deterioration of painted surfaces, wood and concrete due to inclement weather and time. By washing dirt, mud, debris and other particles a home or building’s painted surfaces can remain looking new for much longer. However, pressure washing is not a DIY project. Find out why below:

Pressure washing is the most efficient way to clean the outside of a home. It works on any exterior materials and is effective against stains left by mold, mildew, mud, bugs and animals and all types of weather.

Pressure washing is most beneficial when used as home maintenance, not a solution for a neglected home. Pressure washing, even when done by a professional, is NOT a miracle cure!
Yearly professional pressure washing will maintain the appearance of your home and prevent future home issues.

10 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Pressure Washing

1. Prevents Permanent Damage from Mold & Mildew

The most common reason homeowners inquire about pressure washing for their homes is the presence of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can be black, brown, or green and grows across virtually any surface.

There’s more to these stains, though. These types of stains can actually be small organisms (fungi) that slowly destroy paint, siding, and even concrete. Regular pressure washing prevents the growth and spread of these seemingly harmless threats.

2. Saves Money

Whether it’s your car, your home, or your body, the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true. Pressure washing is less expensive than refinishing the exterior of your home, which you’ll definitely have to do if you don’t do periodic maintenance.

Paying a professional to pressure wash your home is far more economical than buying a high-quality pressure washer – one that will give you professional results. Renting a pressure washer is an affordable option, but you’re not guaranteed to get one whenever you want it.

3. Beautifies Your Home

Yearly pressure washing is the perfect way to keep your home’s exterior spotless. Even if you don’t see stains, there can be sticky materials on your home’s surface that will attract dirt and grime. Power washing will even remove invisible particles that can affect the appearance of your home between cleanings.

By power washing the dirt and mildew every year, your home will look new longer. You’ll get the obvious benefit of enjoying a beautiful home throughout the year. This also increases your property value by up to 5%.

4. Primes the Surface of Your Home

If you decide to resurface the exterior of your home, for whatever reason, pressure washing is the best way to prime it.

Pressure washing before painting or refinishing is easier and less messy than sanding or stripping. It thoroughly cleans the surface of your home so the new coat of paint adheres better, or, if you are applying vinyl siding, there will be no chance of mold, mildew or pests infesting your home from underneath the new vinyl.

5. Reduces Allergens

Professional pressure washing leaves you with a cleaner home because it removes common allergens like fungi, pollen, and dust mites. These particles can easily enter your home through the windows and doors when they are allowed to remain on the surface of your home.

The best time to pressure wash your home is during the spring, when allergens are at their highest. If someone in your home suffers from severe allergies, consider having the outside of your home cleaned once a year.

6. Uses Non-Toxic Solutions

Most professional pressure washers use biodegradable cleaning solutions on outdoor surfaces, making the service safe for people and animals. These products are approved by the EPA as being safe for outdoor use. They won’t affect water sources or plant life, either.

Do-it-yourselfers often make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to pressure wash their homes, not realizing that the water pressure does the majority of the work. Gentle solutions are powerful enough to break up the particles on homes and walkways without harming any life form when used combined with powerful water flow.

7. Works Quickly

If you want to see immediate results, professional power washing is the way to go! It is faster and more efficient than any other outdoor cleaning method.

Hiring a professional to do the work means that you won’t have to sacrifice any of your own time. You don’t even have to be present during your pressure washing service, so you can go on about your day with no inconvenience. And since the pros do exterior pressure washing every single day, they’ll probably be able to completely clean your home in just a few hours.

8. Eliminates Risk of Danger for You and Your Home

If you’re new to pressure washing, you can actually do more harm than good in an attempt to do it yourself.

The water flow coming from commercial pressure washers starts at around 2000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This intensity can cause serious injury. Pressure washers should never be aimed at humans and animals purposefully. Hiring a professional will all but eliminate the chance of accidents.

Not only can this level of water pressure cause bodily harm, but it can also damage your home. Spraying high pressure water into cracks and crevices can give bugs a faster way into your home. Pressure washers can also damage plants and landscaping if they are accidentally sprayed.

9. Covers Every Square Inch of Your Property

Professional pressure washing will be priced based on the amount of surfaces to be cleaned. This is economical and time saving for homeowners.

A comprehensive pressure wash service will include all your exterior surfaces, including your driveway, wooden decks and porches, walkways, and patios.

You’ll also receive stain removal services with your pressure washing services because your team wants to leave you with the best possible results. While you may be able to do your own basic pressure washing, stain removal is best left to the pros!

10. Provides Lasting Results

If you want your results to last from one pressure washing to the next – typically once a year – then hiring a professional is the best course of action.

You will love the look of your residential pressure washing immediately, but professional services will last longer than DIY.